Meditation for self healing with multiple audio layers of subliminal messages. Download the MP3 version at: https://www.vortex-success.com/downloads/self-healing-meditation/
This session is specially designed to help you get healthy, rejuvenate your body cells and improve your immune system.
The subliminal hypnotic affirmations will penetrate your subconscious mind and assimilate the positive new paradigms.
Headphones are not a must, but feel free to use them to maximize results.
Listen day and night.

Some of the suggestions of this meditation:
I am a healthy person
My immune system is strong and functions perfectly fine
All of my body cells are working together in pure harmony
As I heal myself, I am becoming happier and stronger
I am tuned into divine health and wholeness everyday
I allow myself to have pure health
I enjoy taking care of my physical and emotional health
Self-healing is my top priority

*Do not listen in a moving vehicle*
*This is not a replacement for any treatment. Please consult your doctor prior listening*.

Self Healing Meditation Improve Your Health And Immune System Subliminal Messages скачать видео - Download