Nightcore Freakz

Nightcore - Generic Holliday Song [Uncensored]

4 нед. назад

Merry Christmas! :3 Thanks for everything and enjoy your holliday :D Here's a christmas song to get you in the jingle mood Original by S3RL ...

Nightcore - Summer Jam

3 мес. назад

Cold as fuck but Summer Jam! amiright? Original by R.IO. Pic ...

Nightcore - Innocence [New Mix]

7 мес. назад

I was finally able to spare some time to rework my second rock mix to make it more available to people, It was blocked in Germany before so I deleted all the ...

Nightcore - Superhuman

8 мес. назад

For some reason it didn't go to my subbox on my main channel but here it isn this was to test if it was just kitoclanck that was borked Original by Juventa remixed ...

Nightcore - Up 'N Away

9 мес. назад

I'm dead x - x Original: Pic link: ...

Nightcore - One For The Money

1 г. назад

Hey guys I wanted to report that Epicprogammerzz has been kicked from this channel, we had a dissagreement and Anne & I decided to give him the boot ^^, it's ...


1 г. назад

I know right, an upload! This was made as a thank you to all the subs on here! I know we don't upload here that often (or at all) We're sorry about this. this was ...

Special Nightcore Gaming Mix [1] [1Hour]

2 г. назад

SPOILER ALERT YA BASTARDS, this mix is also on kitoclanck's bcs he MADE IT. kito speaking now: I'm just annoyed that people comment on it that I stole from ...

Nightcore Rock Mix [1] [1,5 Hours]

2 г. назад

Here is the rock mix I promised! It took hella long to make tho, people were complaining about the undetailed tracklist so I kinda went overkill on it, Animelist is ...

Nightstep Mix [1] [Reupload]

2 г. назад

Sorry for slowing down on these mixes, we've been busy. I'm reuploading this mix because it got deleted on my channel. so here it is!, I did delete and replace ...

Nightcore - Sedated

2 г. назад

Another request by the same guy as last time :p. It's a long list so expect a few more of these. I was a bit lazy while choosing pics, and yeah this happened.

Nightcore Mix! [1] ^^ (1 Hour)

2 г. назад

nightcore mix (1) heyyy everyone, so kitoclanck and me (xnightcoregirl3) decided to make a channel together with nightcore mixes! this is the mix i made for my ...

Special Nightcore Mix [1] [1 Hour]

2 г. назад

This one was made to celebrate reaching 3k subs on kito's channel but bcs of the strike it's here. Now it's our First Special Mix to celebrate the start of our ...