10 Disturbing Crimes Only Just Made Illegal

6 час. назад

Law and Order has come pretty far, but you would be shocked at the dark acts people could get away with until very recently. Be warned, it's gonna get grim.

10 Lies You Still Believe About Space

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10 Puzzles That Cant Be Solved

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10 People Who Survived The Impossible

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10 Things NASA Doesn't Want You To Know

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10 Empires That Came Close To World Domination

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Genghis Khan, Alexander The Great, Queen Victoria... only a handful of people can claim to have held the world in their hands. These are the ten empires that ...

10 Countries That Won’t Exist In 100 Years

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10 World Leaders Assassinated By The US Government

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Since the 1940's, the CIA has allegedly succeeded in killing a significant number of leaders around the world, either by pulling the trigger themselves, or by ...

10 False Memories Everyone Believes

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Humpty Dumpty was your favourite childhood egg right? Well maybe not favourite, but he wasn't a bad egg. Wait? What?! He wasn't even an egg?!?! Well I ...

10 Creepy Abandoned Schools

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10 Pre-Historic Creatures More Terrifying Than Dinosaurs

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10 Banned World Records

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Ever wanted to break the world record for strongest eyelids or longest time without sleep, well you can't becuase they've been banned! Click to Subscribe..

10 Most Dangerous Criminals On Earth

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There are plenty of law-breakers in the world, but these guys are the worst of the worst. From hidden warlords to king of the South African prisons system, these ...

10 Weird Body Transplants

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10 Shocking Nuclear Disasters That Were Covered Up

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10 Most Dangerous Gangs On Earth

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From street gangs to international crime syndicates, join us in looking at 10 of the most dangerous gangs on Earth. Click to Subscribe.. ...

10 Reasons Not To Trust Your Senses

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The human brain is weird - like, really weird - and surprisingly untrustworthy. It can trick you into thinking you hear something you don't, or taste red wine when ...

10 Ways To Survive A Plane Crash

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Statistically speaking, planes are one of the safest ways of getting about. But, if you are one of the unlucky few to end up in a plane crash… here are a few tips ...

10 Hilarious Threats Made by North Korea

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10 Civilizations Wiped Out By Nature

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10 Terrifying New Drugs That Could End You

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